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Idya Group Australia | Augmented Reality
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Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is expanding in five core verticals which are Retail, Entertainment, Education Services, Publishing and Industrial. Along with marketing and gaming, AR technology has been in use for almost everywhere including gaming, entertainment, government and even military. It has transformed the way people interact with the digital world. This rendezvous of real and  digital world has resulted in an enhanced view of reality, where people get to experience and learn more. Augmented reality has also made it possible for consumers share this experience via internet with others.

Idya provides clients with multiple AR solutions. Know how you Augment Your Brand in Reality.

Smart Shopping With Augmented Reality


Just Download OUR APP >> Launch It >> Point the product and Scan It >> FEEL THE REAL EXPERIENCE.


In the recent days mobile getting smarter, the scope of it has multiplied. Augmented reality mobile apps are available on both Android and IOS devices. With this technology we make, 3D objects with live video on tablets and mobile phones. The video has been digitally processed and Augmented with the 3D components. This digital processing integrates real and virtual world in real time. It’s like bringing alive a car, an animated character, games etc. Clients can now build challenging communication and ideas using this technology. For the past year, large brands in Australia and abroad have been keen on increasing the user’s interaction with their product which in return helps them in maximizing sales.


We are providing best ever services for retailers to advertise their product with the AR Technology and improve Increase market share and sales. AR can be used by retailers in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • AR online shopping
  • Virtual Retail Stores with help of AR app
  • AR Adverts with additional web content, product video, coupons etc.
  • 3D Product Preview at stores
  • AR-enabled store windows
  • Display Additional information about the products


Education and technology go hand in hand (or at least this is how it should be). From schools to university, technology creates opportunities for teaching and learning not only inside the classroom, but also in other learning environments such as museums, art galleries and so on. Augmented Reality making learning process ore easier


Publishers and advertisers both are looking up to the idea of print-to-mobile activation’s. This trend is catching up soon, the reason being the engagement level heightened with the use of image recognition. Print is no longer now restricted to just reading. Print-to-Mobile AR Activation is one of the best examples of increasing reader engagement.