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Mobile app development is one of the major aspects for growth of any organization. At Idya , we design native apps as per the needs of the customer. According to a report, there are more mobile devices then there are people in the world, with the mobile devices clocking a whopping 7.19 billion mark. Needless to say, a company’s strategy should be mobile first. At Idya, we offer top-class high performance cutting-edge mobile solutions for all mobile platforms. Catering to a variety of industries, we have developed feature-rich mobile applications for almost all kinds of domains. Our technology expertise covers android, iOS, Windows mobile App. With an absolute focus on performance, usability, aesthetics and security, we help you build mobile applications which are blazing fast, cutting-edge and user-friendly. We employ agile methodologies to ensure a rapid delivery and faster go-to-market for the product. We use the concepts of agile software development while building the mobile applications.

Excellent design is only the first part of crafting a good user experience. We’ll work with you first to understand exactly who your audience is, and what your project objectives are. We see design and user-experience as critical to the monetization of your development project.

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Android App Development

Our team of android application developers are both competent and experienced to develop new and dynamic applications that include gaming, security mobile solutions, productivity applications, lifestyle applications, enterprise business systems, entertainment, social networking, scheduling systems and many application development services.

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iOS App Development

With iOS becoming more popular and one of the fastest growing mobile application development platform on the market today, it is very important that your business is on your customers fingertips. Our high speed iOS app development capability, exceptional product quality and competitive development costs makes us the best possible partner in iOS application development services.

Need a process to maximise user acquisition? We’ll combine User Acquisition strategy with the right User Experience to drive more users and grow virally.
Idya’s dedicated Strategy team works with you to formulate a vision and strategy for your App.

Drawing on our extensive experience in mobile and having worked with many of brands, Idya’s dedicated Strategy team works with you to formulate a vision and strategy for your app. This means that you can focus your resources on the things that will make the biggest impact towards achieving your business goals.

Idya Mobile has an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements and conventions of this platform, and our team is experienced in delivering Android apps that are used by millions of people. The apps we produce are designed specifically to have flexible user interfaces that can accommodate the wide variety of devices, screen sizes and resolutions, which is essential to the Android platform.